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13 essential tips for first-time cruisers

Whether you want to pamper yourself with a massage or take in the live entertainment, cruise vacations offer plenty of activities.

A cruise is something everyone should experience at least once in their life. The first time I went on a cruise was about 7 years ago, and it was fun. Having done several cruises over the years, I have seen and learned a great deal. I will share some useful tips here today for those who are new to cruising, and before reading hundreds of articles online, first-time cruisers may find this article useful. Hopefully, you'll find answers to most of your questions and concerns.

1. Set a realistic budget

A travel planner I must admit, a cruise vacation may seem like a bargain up front; however, I tell my clients that you'll quickly discover not everything that is offered on the ship is included. As known, additional budget varies depending on what you want to do so keep in mind that extra costs for alcohol, spa treatments, shore excursions, and your welcome on board picture will all add up.

2. Interior Cabin or Balcony Room

My first cruise was an event and I wanted to be sure that everything was perfect, including my room. A cabin with a balcony was a must, but maybe I acted too quickly. Although the balcony and view were wonderful, I never made full use of it, rather I enjoyed exploring the ship and taking full advantage of all the free activities and entertainments that were offered throughout the day. Learning from this experience I always recommend my first-time cruisers to upgrade to that balcony on your second cruise vacation. 


3.Bring your own alcohol on board

Most cruise lines allow you to bring your own alcohol. For example, Royal Caribbean allows two bottles (750ml) per cabin in your carry-on bag however, if you attend brining more bottles or purchase more on port, a crew member will store the bottles  for you and deliver them to you the last day onboard.

4. Carry the ships contact information when going a shore

  Always carry the ship's contact information with you so that if something happens or goes wrong you know who to contact.


5. Smile

Many cruise ships hire professional photographers to capture as many images as possible of their guests. A typical snap might be while having dinner or similar in addition to it they will most likely give you a card indicating to view your pictures on the last day of your voyage to get an opportunity to purchase any of your choice.


  6. Plan well when onboard

While I did not plan much on my first cruise, between dinner, shows, live entertainment, and a shore excursion, I realized before that planning is important so you can get as much done in your limited time.

7. Afraid of getting seasick

Maybe you're easily seasick like me; if that's the case, you might want a cabin on the lower deck or on the middle deck. Ships rock mainly during the voyage around their edges. 

8. Travel insurance

I always make sure to encourage my clients to buy travel insurance, although most do not consider it a necessity. In general, travel insurance is a very low-cost investment and covers lost luggage, becoming ill or injured, as well as compensation for travel delays. If you are uncertain which one is right for you, please contact me. I will be glad to assist.

9.Don't waste time looking for deals

No doubt, the internet is a great resource when searching for deals but keep in mind that no matter who you book with, the price per person will be the same.

10. Gratitude is usually automatic

When eating and drinking during your voyage make sure you don’t tip twice.  Cruises typically include gratitude as part of the service.

11. Enjoy a quieter time?

There are a variety of cruises, and I enjoy them all but to get a quieter cruise adventure, try booking at least 7 days. As a rule, while shorter cruises are more affordable in general, however these type of cruises in general are more appealing to so-called party cruisers.

12. Sun lotion

As it turns out, I was not too concerned with sun lotion, since the ocean breeze kept my skin cool which makes it harder to feel a burning sensation. I recommend applying sun lotion frequently. Click the link for my all-time favorite sun lotion

13. Don’t miss the sunset

The sunset experience on a cruise is not to be missed.

 Find out what time the sun sets and head to the deck to watch this spectacular event. Trust me you won’t regret it. Hopefully, these 13 tips were helpful to you as a first-time cruiser. Interested in planning your first cruise if so, contact me today so we can start planning accordingly

13 essential tips for first-time cruisers: Travel Tips
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