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Emerald mountains, deep valleys, and jagged cliffs make Waimea Canyon of Kauai a grand sight. This natural wonder offers majestic views of an extraordinary landscape, so beautiful you cannot fully grasp its majesty. Also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, it is often compared to its bigger relative (Arizona’s Grand Canyon); however, with such exquisite features, it stands on its own as a popular attraction and unique beauty of Kauai, Hawaii. Enrooted more than 3,000 feet deep, and covering approximately 14 miles, its tremendous décor offers insight to a land before time. Red soil and volcanic remains leave footprints of the miraculous events that have caused one of earth’s most spectacular treasures. The Waimea Canyon is one of the reasons why Kauai is an exotic destination. Its splendor and adventures are unparallel, and it is an ideal location to explore life’s luxuries.

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Hawaii map: Vacations


Aloha! You are cordially invited to feast your eyes on one of Hawaii’s most striking locations and natural beauties. Glistening like a diamond in the blue ocean, O’ahu, Hawaii is an idyllic destination. It is the perfect combination of land and sea, where its cultural luxuries can be found lurking throughout the island’s impeccable landscape.

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Hawaii map: Vacations


Mirroring a scene from Mars, Keahiakawelo, also referred to as the Gardens of the Gods, is a fascinating sight. Hundreds of mysterious rock formations are scattered throughout the desert-like landscape. This natural wonder brightens in the sunlight as colors of red, purple, and orange are illuminated from the rocks’ bizarre structures and unique soil. So stunning, there are many legendary beliefs to what may have caused such an interesting manifestation of the power of erosion. Since the garden appears to be located just below the sky, it is possible to catch views of the islands of Oahu and Molokai on a clear day. Keahiakawelo is an example of why Lanai, Hawaii is considered to be Hawaii’s Most Enticing Island. With two Four Seasons hotels and many other luxurious amenities, it is an exotic destination filled with hidden treasures lurking throughout its captivating sceneries.

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Hawaii map: Vacations


Imagine being completely free of stress as you relax under the golden sun while listening to the sounds of giant waves gently cascade against the shore. Where time seems nonexistent and you can truly enjoy life’s simplicities without any interruptions. A place where you are generously greeted by pleasant weather and smiling faces happily waiting to say, “Aloha!” Sparkling like a jewel in the Pacific Ocean, Molokai Island, Hawaii is a secluded tropical destination. Jungles, waterfalls, fishing ponds and mountainsides blaze the trail to miles of pristine beaches. It is a perfect blend of past and present, as its civilization mirrors Hawaii’s historic culture. With not a skyscraper or traffic light in sight, the island’s remote and paradisiacal ambiance bursts throughout the beautiful landscape. Molokai is a wonderful getaway for tourists who want to escape the hassles of everyday life; it is a striking location full of pleasant surprises.

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Where the turquoise sea meets miles of beautiful landscape, Maui, Hawaii is a picture perfect paradise. The island’s unparallel beauty can be seen throughout the pristine beaches, stunning attractions, and picturesque communities. So, exquisite is its landscapes, Maui has been featured in Conde Nast Traveler many times as the Best Island. The Haleakala National Park preserves Maui’s natural habitats such as waterfalls, rivers, and wildlife. Standing over 10,000 feet, the park’s glorious hills provide magnificent backdrops of sunsets and acres of pastoral and tropical sceneries. Whether you chose to horseback ride, hike, or drive up the massive slopes, you will truly be amazed by the wonderful sights waiting at the top of the mountainsides. This is one of the reasons why Maui entices many visitors to its magical ambiance and stunning features. It is a destination where time seems to stand still and a place where you can truly enjoy the luxuries of life.

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Hawaii map: Vacations

Big Island


Stroll through historic villages or embrace the feeling of sun-kissed black and white sand dissolve between your toes. The district of Kona, Hawaii is 60 miles of pure delight nestled on the Big Island (Hawaii Island), the largest of the Hawaii islands. Its atmosphere is infused by the thick aromas of the profound Kona coffee and Hawaiian-fare cuisine, grown from the veins of its volcanic terrain. Kona is a charming destination where the past and the turquoise ocean will gently guide you into the fascinations of this Hawaiian beauty.

Hawaii map: Vacations
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