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​ Make the most of your trip to Paris as a first timer

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

So, you like to travel to Paris for your first time!

Most of us will agree, Paris is one of all times romantic Cities in the World. The city is well known for its high-end fashion, exquisite food, outstanding wines and a culture with a sophisticated lifestyle. Although Paris is an all year around destination, the best time to visit this amazing City is definitely during the month of April through June as well as October to early November. During this time you won’t experience the heavy travel crowed which make the entire experience of your trip much better.

Before you start taking off in excitement you might want to take a look at some of my tips and tricks that I have learned during my visit.

  1. Plan well in advance and try to stay central. When visiting Paris, accommodation is a large portion of your travel budget. My all time favorite Hotel is the La Clef Louvre Paris by The Crest Collection only 2.5miles from the Center.

  2. Paris is best explored on foot. You will be surprised when exploring Paris what type off hidden gems you might discover. Also by doing so in addition you will experience the locals.

  3. I highly recommend purchasing the Paris Pass which includes free transportation and other discounts to attractions and museums

  4. Discover the authentic French food. Remember France has one of the best cuisines in the world. Visit local restaurants. market halls and enjoy the traditional French food.

  5. Be aware of common travel scams. While France is a safe and welcoming country still be aware of pickpockets especially in areas where the main tourist attractions are. Also, when taking a public transportation keep my handbag and belongings close to you and don't show your camera and wallet around.

  6. A meal at the Eiffel tower is a true once in a lifetime experience. While the Eiffel tower is on everyone’s Bucket list try to visit the top of the tower, have lunch or dinner at one of the restaurant located inside the Tower.

  7. Although, many French people will speak English, still try to learn a few words. A Hello/Good evening (Bonjour/Bonsoir) , Please/Thank you (S’il vous plait/Merci) does go a long way.

  8. Tipping is not mandatory but appreciated. Are you happy with your service?- tip at least 10-15% of your bill . At cafes and bars you might just leave the change.

  9. Take a walk along the Champs-Elysees. As mentioned before Paris is great for walking and is also the best way of exploring. If time allows take advantage of tour guides which will take you around the city and offer a interesting guide for sights.

  10. Expect businesses to be closed on Sunday or only open to limited hours. Some attraction such as museums , Eiffel Tower and Arc Triomphe are open on Sundays.

  11. While most of us think the Eiffel Tower has the best view off the French Capital, guess what its not, instead head to the Arc de Tiomphe.

  12. Make restaurant reservations in advance and don’t show up early for dinner. The best places tend to get book up fast especially during the weekend. Also people in Paris typically dine after 8pm and even more late which means many restaurant won’t open until 7:30pm

13. Don’t rent a car. Traffic is quite congested in some areas

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